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Become a Neighborhood Communicator

The radio network allows residents of the Moshannon Valley to keep in touch at times and in places where conventional means of communication are not available. The members of PARA are providing a repeater system and a communication plan. But in order to have a real, functioning network that we can rely upon in times of need, our community needs civic-minded people in every neighborhood to acquire the tools and knowledge that will enable them to help a neighbor in need.

If you can afford a couple of GMRS radios and a GMRS license, and you have a little time to get familiar with them by participating in weekly radio nets, you could one day be of great service to your neighbors and your community. And even if you’re never called upon in an emergency, your neighbors will benefit from the peace of mind they get from knowing that you, and they, are better prepared and less vulnerable.

Become a PARA Member

We are a friendly group of radio enthusiasts serving Philipsburg PA and surrounding communities. Our members have a diverse set of interests and abilities, and you’re sure to find people who share some of yours.

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