Repeater Coverage Maps

Downloading a coverage map

  1. Right-click on a coverage map in the table below and select Save from the popup menu.
  2. Select a destination for the file on your computer.
  3. Save the file.
GMRS ChannelRepeater NameYour Radio TypeCoverage MapNotes
23Rattlesnake 5505-watt handheldrat550-handheld-001.kmzPermanent repeater site
24Philipsburg 5755-watt handheldphb575-handheld-002.kmzTemporary site with reduced coverage.
Permanent site coming soon.
25Sandy Ridge 6005-watt handheldsdy600-handheld-001.kmzPermanent repeater site

Viewing a coverage map

  1. Ensure that Google Earth is installed on your computer.
  2. Open the Google Earth application.
  3. Drag and Drop the coverage map on the Google Earth application or simply double-click the map file.

Understanding Map Coloring

  • Green areas have a strong signal.
  • Yellow areas have a weak signal.
  • Areas with no color have no signal.

Viewing Combined Coverage Areas

  • To view the combined coverage of multiple repeaters, drag additional coverage maps onto the Google Earth application.
  • To toggle individual maps on or off, scroll to the bottom of the Places list on the left sidebar and check or uncheck individual map names.


  • The coverage maps were generated by computer software using models of the terrain. They are based on the assumption that you are standing outside, facing the repeater, and holding the radio in an upright position.
  • We have found the maps to be pretty accurate in most places, but in some places your actual reception may be better or worse than predicted by the maps.
  • Your reception will definitely be worse when you use your radio inside a structure or inside a vehicle, or if your battery is not fully charged.

Trail Maps

If you’re planning to go hiking on one of the trails near Black Moshannon State Park, you can use our GMRS repeaters to keep in touch with other hiking parties or with other members of your party if you get separated. For a greater measure of safety, you could ask a trusted friend to monitor the repeaters from their home while you are hiking. If you or a hiking partner were to become seriously injured in a place with no cell phone coverage, you could then contact your friend by radio and ask them to send help.

In order to see which sections of local trails have GMRS repeater coverage, you can download a trail map and view it in Google Earth at the same time that you are viewing one or more repeater coverage maps.

The following trail maps were graciously provided by their respective authors.

Trail NameMapAuthor
Allegheny Front Trailallegheny-front-trail.kmzNathan Piekielek