Scanner Channels

Bank 1 – GMRS Channels

Channel NoChannel NameFreq (MHz)Tone (Hz)Description
23Rattlesnake 550462.550218.1
24Philipsburg 575462.575192.8
25Sandy Ridge 600462.600229.1

Bank 2 – Public Safety Channels

Channel NoChannel NameFreq (MHz)PL Tone (Hz)Description
51Centre EMS Disp
52Centre Fire Disp
53Cfld EMS Disp
54Cfld Fire Disp
55FG2 Rockton453.4875156.7
56FG3 Boggs Twp460.6375100.0
57FG4 Sandy Twp
58FG5 Clover Run
59FG6 Boone
60FG7 Karthaus
61FG8 Chest
62FG9 Cooper Twp
63FG10 Sandy Ridge
64FG11 Olanta
65FG12 Rockton

Bank 3 – Amateur Channels

Channel NoChannel NameFreq (MHz)PL Tone (Hz)Description
101VHF520146.5202-meter calling frequency
102VHF550146.5502-meter talk frequency
103VHF580146.5802-meter talk frequency
104UHF000446.00070-cm calling frequency
105Altoona 610146.610123.0
106Altoona 820146.820123.0
107Boalsburg 850146.850146.2
108Huntingdon 700146.700123.0
109Philipsburg 640146.640173.8
110Rattlesnake 425443.425
111Rattlesnake 430146.430173.8
112Rattlesnake 760146.760146.2
113Rockton 255147.255173.8

Bank 7 – Air Traffic Control

Channel NoChannel NameRCAGFreq (MHz)DescriptionMagMount
ZDC01 Elkins128.600
ZDC03 Moorefield133.275yes
ZDC04 Leesburg133.975yes
ZDC05 Linden133.550yes
ZDC06 Hagerstown134.150yes
ZDC12 Brooke126.875yes
ZDC31 Azalea135.400
ZDC60 Montebello121.675
ZNY10 Harrisburg133.475Harrisburgyes
ZNY25 Modena135.450*constant noise*
ZNY27 Middletown132.200yes
ZNY27 Middletown322.400yes
ZNY34 Elmira132.175yes
ZNY39 Parke132.100yes
ZNY50 Binghamton133.350
ZNY55 Yardley134.600yes
ZNY72 BURNIWilliamsport PA127.725yes
ZNY73 PhilipsbrgPhilipsburg PA132.875yes
ZNY73 PhilipsbrgPhilipsburg PA306.200NY center onlyyes
ZNY75 Milton128.575yes
ZNY91 WilliamsptWilliamsport PA124.900yes
ZNY91 Williamspt134.800yes
ZNY91 Williamspt338.300yes
ZNY93 SwissdalePhilipsburg PA123.625
ZNY93 SwissdalePhilipsburg PA279.550
ZOB53 Indian Hd124.400yes
ZOB55 Morgantown126.950yes
ZOB57 Brecksvlle125.875yes
ZOB59 Franklin119.725yes
ZOB64 Keystone134.475
ZOB67 Imperial132.125yes
ZOB68 Allegheny133.075yes
ZOB70 Dunkirk127.075yes
ZOB71 Clarion126.725yes
ZOB73 Bradford124.325yes
ZOB77 Warren134.125yes
ZOB79 Jamestown132.925yes

Bank 8 – Civil Aviation

Channel NoChannel NameFreq (MHz)DescriptionHeard
Civ Air Distress121.500International Air Distress (IAD) aka VHF Guard
A2A Fixed-Wing122.750Air-to-Air – fixed-wing aircraft
A2A Helicopter123.025Air-to-Air – helicopters
A2A Misc123.450Air-to-Air – Miscellaneous
A2A Unpowered123.300Air-to-Air – sailplanes and hot air balloons
A2A Unpowered123.500Air-to-Air – sailplanes and hot air balloons
A2A Warbirds123.450Air-to-Air – warbirds
CTAF 000123.000Altoona/Blair County Airport (AOO)
Dubois Regional Airport (DUJ)
Punxsutawney Municipal Airport (N35)
CTAF 700122.700Centre Airpark (N16)
St Mary’s Municipal Airport (OYM)
CTAF 725122.725Clearfield-Lawrence Airport (FIG)
CTAF 800122.800Bellefonte Airport (N96)
Ebensburg Airport (9G8)
Penn’s Cave Airport (N74)
CTAF 975122.975
JFK – New York123.700JFK Airport – TRACON
LGA – New York120.800LaGuardia Airport – TRACON
LGA – New York124.950LaGuardia Airport – TRACON
LGA – New York127.300LaGuardia Airport – TRACON
LHV – Lock Haven122.800Lock Haven Airport – CTAF/UNICOM
MDT – Harrisburg118.250Harrisburg (Middletown) Airport – TRACON
MDT – Harrisburg124.100Harrisburg (Middletown) Airport – TRACONyes
MDT – Harrisburg126.450Harrisburg (Middletown) Airport – TRACON
Multicom122.900Albert Airport (1N3)
Cove Valley Airport (6G6)
Mid-State Airport (PSB)
PSB – Philipsbrg134.800Mid-State Airport – Arrival/departure
UNV – Univ Park122.950University Park Airport – UNICOM
UNV – Univ Park128.475University Park Airport – CTAFyes

Bank 9 – Military Aviation

Channel NoChannel NameFreq (MHz)Description
Mil Air Distress243.000Military Air Distress (MAD) aka UHF Guard
Air Refuel235.100
Air Refuel260.900
Air Refuel268.025
Air Refuel274.450PA Air National Guard, 171st Air Refueling Wing, Pittsburgh
Air Refuel282.700
Air Refuel295.800PA Air National Guard, 171st Air Refueling Wing, Pittsburgh
Air Refuel305.500
Air Refuel311.000PA Air National Guard, 171st Air Refueling Wing, Pittsburgh

Bank 0 – Miscellaneous

Channel NoChannel NameFreq (MHz)PL Tone (Hz)Description
CATA Bus452.675146.2
Centre Recycling453.425


ACCAerial Control Center
Also known as an “en route”m “center”, or “area control”.
APP stands for approach. As an aircraft approaches an airport, the APP controller is responsible for lining them up for landing. When this is complete, responsibility is passed over to the TWR.
ARTCCAir Route Traffic Control Center
Air Route Traffic Control Centers (ARTCC), also referred to as “centers,” are established primarily to provide air traffic services to aircraft operating on an Instrument Flight Rule (IFR) Flight Plan within controlled airspace. This service is provided principally during the en route phase. While services remain constant, changes in sector coverage will require frequency changes to ensure uninterrupted services.
CTAFCommon Traffic Advisory Frequency
A VHF radio frequency used for air-to-air communication at United States, Canadian and Australian non-towered airports. Many towered airports close their towers overnight, keeping the airport open for cargo operations and other activity. Pilots use the common frequency to coordinate their arrivals and departures safely, giving position reports and acknowledging other aircraft in the airfield traffic pattern. Two common CTAF allocations are UNICOM and MULTICOM.
IFRInstrument Flight Rules
Rules and regulations established by the FAA to govern flight under conditions in which flight by outside visual reference is not safe. IFR flight depends upon flying by reference to instruments in the flight deck, and navigation is accomplished by reference to electronic signals.
MULTICOMA frequency allocation used as a Common Traffic Advisory Frequency (CTAF) by aircraft near airports where no air traffic control is available. Frequency allocations vary from region to region. In the United States, there is one MULTICOM frequency: 122.9 MHz. At uncontrolled airports without a UNICOM, pilots are to self-announce on the MULTICOM frequency.
RCAGRemote Control Air/Ground
Allow air traffic controllers in ACC’s to communicate with planes using VHF and UHF frequencies.
TRACONTerminal Radar Approach Control
TRACONs are U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) facilities that house air traffic controllers who guide aircraft approaching and departing airports. TRACON controllers generally handle within a 30- to 50-mile radius of an airport and up to 10 000 feet, as well as aircraft flying over that airspace. They are responsible for the safe separation of aircraft flying in the busy areas surrounding airports. Once an approaching aircraft that is landing is within five miles of an airport and below 2 500 feet, TRACON controllers hand off the aircraft to air traffic controllers in the airport tower. Departing aircraft leaving the TRACON’s range of control are handed off to controllers at FAA en route center or Air Route Traffic Control Centers (ARTCC). ARTCCs handle high-altitude traffic.
TWRAir traffic control tower.
The TWR is the air traffic control tower. The TWR controller normally works in just one airport. When a TWR position is not manned, it could be taken over by an APP controller.
UNICOMUniversal Communications
An air-ground communication facility operated by a non-air traffic control private agency to provide advisory service at uncontrolled aerodromes and airports and to provide various non-flight services, such as requesting a taxi, even at towered airports.
VFRVisual Flight Rules
A set of regulations under which a pilot operates an aircraft in weather conditions generally clear enough to allow the pilot to see where the aircraft is going.
ZDC Hagerstown MD39.69778, -77.85583
ZDC Linden VA38.85417, -78.20556
ZNY Big Flat PA40.001406, -77.407441ZNY08 BRNAN Super Hi (124.775 / 346.275)
ZNY10 Harrisburg High (133.475 / 270.300)
ZNY27 Middletown Low (132.200 / 322.400)
ZOB Blue Knob PA40.296140, -78.573347
ZNY Joliet PA40.608610, -76.461670Appears to have been demolished
ZNY North Mountain PA41.319797, -76.553882ZNY49 Stoneyfork High (121.325 / 273.600)
ZNY74 Broadway Low (132.150 / 282.350)
ZNY75 Milton High (128.575 / 269.100)
ZNY91 Williamsport Low (134.800 / 338.300)
ZNY Philipsburg PA40.914265, -78.010106ZNY73 Philipsburg High (132.875 / 306.200)
ZNY93 Swissdale Low (123.625 / 279.550)
ZNY Williamsport PA41.212879, -76.950651ZNY72 BURNI High (127.725 / 270.250)
ZNY91 Williamsport Low (124.900)
ZOB Bradford PA41.79917, -78.64
ZOB Dubois PA41.18306, -78.89278
ZOB Indian Head PA39.97417, -79.35833
ZOB Moon Township PA40.51141, -80.2235
ZOB Warren PA41.734251, -79.262710

Heard on BC125AT with mag-mount antenna

119.725ZOB58 Franklin
124.325ZOB73 Bradford Low
124.400ZOB53 Indian Head Low
126.725ZOB50 Clarion Low
127.725ZNY72 BURNI High
132.125ZOB67 Imperial High
132.200ZNY27 Middletown Low
132.875ZNY73 Philipsburg High
132.925ZOB79 Jamestown Super High
133.075ZOB68 Allegheny High
133.975ZDC04 Pinion High
134.125ZOB77 Warren
134.150ZDC06 Hagerstown Low
306.200ZNY73 Philipsburg High