MVRN Channel List

Version 1.0 – June 2022 (printer-friendly version)

GMRS Simplex Channels

Channel NoChannel NameFreq (MHz)DescriptionMax FRS Power (W)Max GMRS Power (W)
1-7CH-1 to CH-7 Medium power2.05.0
8-14CH-8 to CH-14 Low power0.50.5
15-21CH-15 to CH-21 High power2.050.0
22CH-22462.725Neighborhood chat2.050.0

GMRS Repeater Channels

Channel NoChannel NameFreq (MHz)PL Tone (Hz)Description
23RAT550462.550218.1Rattlesnake 550 repeater
24PHB575462.575192.8Philipsburg 575 repeater
25SDY600462.600229.1Sandy Ridge 600 repeater
26-30RPT-4 to RPT-8 Reserved

Public Safety – EMS and Fire Dispatch (scan and receive only)

Channel NoChannel NameFreq (MHz)PL Tone (Hz)Description
31CN-EMS460.6125Centre County EMS dispatch
32CN-FIR453.9750Centre County Fire dispatch
33CF-EMS460.4625131.8Clearfield County EMS dispatch
34CF-FIR454.0250146.2Clearfield County Fire dispatch

Public Safety – Clearfield County Firegrounds (receive only)

Channel NoChannel NameFreq (MHz)PL Tone (Hz)Description
35CF-G2453.4875156.7Fireground 2 – Rockton
36CF-G3460.6375100.0Fireground 3 – Boggs Township
37CF-G4453.4625146.2Fireground 4 – Sandy Township
38CF-G5453.0750162.2Fireground 5 – Clover Run
39CF-G6453.8625167.9Fireground 6 – Boone Mountain
40CF-G7453.0750151.4Fireground 7 – Karthaus
41CF-G8453.8625141.3Fireground 8 – Chest Township
42CF-G9453.6375136.5Fireground 9 – Cooper Township
43CF-G10453.1500131.8Fireground 10 – Sandy Ridge
44CF-G11460.3375173.8Fireground 11 – Olanta
45CF-G12460.3625127.3 Fireground 12 – Rockton

Amateur Simplex Frequencies (receive only)

Channel NoChannel NameFreq (MHz)Description
46VHF520146.5202-meter calling frequency
47VHF550146.5502-meter talk frequency
48VHF580146.5802-meter talk frequency
49UHF000446.00070-cm calling frequency

Amateur Repeater Frequencies (receive only)

Channel NoChannel NameFreq (MHz)PL Tone (Hz)Description
50ALT610146.610123.0Altoona 610 repeater
51ALT820146.820123.0Altoona 820 repeater
52BOA850146.850146.2Boalsburg 850 repeater
53HUN700146.700123.0Huntingdon 700 repeater
54PHB640146.640173.8Philipsburg 640 repeater
55RAT425443.425Rattlesnake 425 SKYWARN repeater
56RAT430146.430173.8Rattlesnake 430 repeater
57RAT760146.760146.2Rattlesnake 760 repeater
58ROC255147.255173.8Rockton 255 repeater